Sunday, March 2, 2014

To the Person Who Made Me Believe In Love,

Do you still remember what happened here? I was in the bar with my friends, and so were you. I remember every little detail of that night! and I hope you did too because I never thought that that night will change my life!

How about this? Do you remember prom night? It was one of the best nights of my life and I'm glad that you made it super special. I remember how worried I was when I didn't find you in the table and then, I found you outside. And then, you took me to the garden of the Country Club and the music was still clearly heard there, and in the garden, we danced under the stars and you kissed me. And after dancing outside, when we entered the ballroom again, just in time, my name was announced as a nominee for best dressed. It was one of my dreams! and after the awarding, you were there again accompanying me. :)

 How bout this? Do you remember our first bus ride? Because I remember it perfectly. It was the first time I went out of town without my family. I was really excited because I'm going out of town with my boyfriend!
 And this! I remember how I met your Mom. It was very touching that I was the first girlfriend that you introduced to your Mom. And it's just funny that we had the same color of clothes :)

Do you remember this meal?! WE ALWAYS EAT HERE! And I remember that I took this photo when I got my first salary and I treated you dinner! :) I don't know why, but everytime we eat a Sumo meal, something special just happened, like the time we went to HW and got so hungry and the time we cut class because we wanted to see each other and we were so full that we spent one hour in the resto and Valentine's day.

Do you remember when you bought me a present for my birthday! ♥ Here in Celine. You got me the perfect gifts. The gifts that I really wanted.

 Do you remember when we almost broke up? But we talked it out. And after a million tears and a millions "sorry"s and a couple of explanation and deals, nagkaayos pa rin tayo :) And you wrote your promises on my notebook. :')

To the person who made me believe in love,
 THANK YOU SO MUCH. Before, I never believed that having a boyfriend is just a pain in the ass. But here I am, feeling very happy and blessed because I have you. Thank you for being a best friend, a bar friend, a prom date, a travel friend, a food buddy, a shopping friend, an ex-boyfriend, an enemy (dati and sometimes) and right now, AS A BOYFRIEND. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUCHI! You've been a huge part of my life. Thank you for making me experience a lot of "first times". And thank you for adding amazing twists in my life. Thank you for teaching me the best lessons. You never left me when I really felt bad. And kahit na super tapang ako pag nagtataray ka sakin, sorry na po pag madali ako mainis once na mainit ulo mo. I LOVE YOU!!!! HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY MY LOVE! MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE. Ewww, pumapatol ka na sa minor ngayon. hahaha I love you though :* sorry medyo late yung post ko na ito ♥

Saturday, August 24, 2013


For today, my older sister inspired to over accessorize my left wrist. And so I did! (clap clap clap). The weather here is still gloomy so I badly NEED to include a jacket in my outfit. I chose my beloved studded jacket from F21 and matched it with my Aldo lace satchel. I really love how punk and feminine it looks.

 I ate dinner with besties at Chowking ♥ Our favorite hangout back then :')

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hi everyone!  This is my first time to post about my corpo attire. I'm not in that attire for the purpose of work. I'm in that attire because some of my subjects require wearing a corporate attire.

In my outfit, you have no idea how bad I love that skirt! The galactic-abstract-detail made this outfit. I bought that skirt from Aldo when I went to U.S. and it's the first time I wore it. It's not tight on thighs anymore though since I lost some weight. 

Oh and guys, do you remember Project Blue on my blog? :> Well if you do, that skirt represents my Project Blue #2.